Wednesday, October 31, 2012

knitted shining twins

What better day to announce a new addition to the Cakeyvoice knitted horror tribute family than Halloween? It's a rhetorical question, so stop typing.

I can't wait until my boys are old enough to do Halloween stuff - this year we kept it simple by standing round a pumpkin and sort of taking turns to smack it and see what sound it made. Some of us may also have licked it.

It just so happened that The Shining was on TV last night - I only caught the end of it, but it's lost none of its sinister, stylish charm for me. The genuine terror in Shelley Duvall's eyes is surely fuelled by the thought of having to do yet another retake of a scene. I like to think that if I directed a film I would be as crazy mental about it as Stanley Kubrick.

I don't really want to direct a film (Star Wars 7?), I suppose I would just like to be in a situation where I can demand complete silence for 10 minutes so I can I drink a hot cup of tea without anyone vigorously crushing an over-ripe plum in their fist while looking me in the eye, then trying to touch me and my electronic goods.

[drum roll] [weak high hat] The Shining Twins!

These are for sale in my Etsy shop, which is sad for me because I was hoping they would stay here forever. (I'm not going to say it! I'm not!). There'll be a couple of zombies in there too at some point this week! It's just like old times.

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