Monday, August 20, 2012

paper crane mobile

Untitled by cakeyvoice
Untitled, a photo by cakeyvoice on Flickr.
This paper crane mobile is old news if you have visited my house in the last 2 years, but I am only just getting round to taking pictures because HELLO, I HAVE TWO BABIES UNDER TWO.

This was super easy to make, not least because I bought the cranes ready made from a kind and talented Japanese lady on the internet. They are all so perfect, it would have taken me FOREVER to make them and I was quite pregnant at the time and rushing to get it made before Frank was born.

Anyway, it was strung using a sewing needle and clear thread with glass seed beads to keep the cranes from slipping down the thread. The hoop at the top came out of a shower cap that I got from the pound shop, I wrapped it in yellow yarn.

Moving this thing is not easy! Tangles can take a painful amount of time to unravel which is the opposite of relaxing. But, when you're done, a few moments lying underneath watching the cranes spin gently in the breeze will see you right.

origami crane mobile

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