Thursday, November 13, 2008

christmas is what you make it

Although Christmas doesn't really start until I pop open a bottle of sherry, we all know it is already Christmas because it says on the TV and also in Tesco. Christmas is great. If you don't enjoy it then you are doing it wrong and are probably suffering from sherry deficiency. Get it down you.

Ahhh, poor neglected blog, I am at a loose end for the first time in yonks. The craft fair is over. Sleep was lost, favours were called in, frantic setting up was done, old ladies were confused and children delighted. It was quite a day. Oxford Town Hall is an awesome place to hang out and I managed to restrain myself from rushing the stage to have a go on that colossal organ.

handm@de at oxford town hall

But enough of that, ladies and gentlemen, I have written a book. A very slim book. A very slim, small book. A pamphlet, if you will. But don't be fooled by its diminutive stature, it contains no fewer than 10 of my top secret ideas for making awesome Christmas presents. Even better, because it's so small, there's no room for any of my nonsensical & rambling prose. Although I do reveal the greatest Xmas album of all time, which is worth the money alone.

This was a real labour of love, with pages cut from scrap fabric, titles punched from real dymo label and text typed up on a proper old school typewriter. I then scanned the whole thing, sent it to the printers, assembled the pages into a book & stitched them up real good on my sewing machine. Why? Because I want you to make my ginger whisky. It really is THAT good.


  1. OOOoooo where may i purchase a book?

  2. Ginger whiskey? I might have to buy a copy too!

  3. Pfff, tee hee hee!
    "Colossal organ."

    Matt looks cute in that photo.

    Pretty book too.