Monday, November 17, 2008

5, 6, better something something...

"One, two freddys coming for you 3, 4 better lock the door 5, 6 better something something 7,8 dont stay up late 9, 10 lets sing it again i dont know something like that..."
That's a direct quote from a response to a Yahoo! Answers question, asking how the Freddy rhyme goes. I actually think it's more terrifying than the original - the omission of such crucially relevant information makes for a tense read.

Do you see where I am going with this? I do. I have knitted Freddy Krueger and here he is:


Freddy Krueger ceases to be scary when you realise that he could easily be thwarted by tricking him into plunging his knife hand into a large butternut squash. Since he is constantly blunting those knives by scraping them along pipes for effect, it would take several minutes for him to free himself. This would give you more than enough time to knock his hat off and run away.

Fearsome he is not. But I like his jumper and there's no denying that he's an icon of modern horror. As such, he has earned his place in the minion hall of fame. Come to daddy!


  1. 5,6 grab your crucifix! 7,8 better stay up late, 9,10 never sleep again!

    PS: I ADORE your creations! I wish I could afford you Ash just to send it to Bruce Campbell! Keep up the wonderfully amazing designs!

  2. Fantastic!!

    I love everything you make!!

    Do you ever sell the patterns?


  3. Wow! First Ash and then Freddy? It's like you're using my movie collection for inspiration!

  4. Hilarious commentary regarding the butternut squash. I absolutely adore your knitting subjects and blog.

  5. "Those dreadful beady eyes, they stare you out!"

  6. Love your little creations. I may have to purchase one for myself....

  7. I have been following your blog for a little over 3 years and I have to say you never cease to amaze and inspire me. You rock.

  8. I LOVE IT!!!!