Thursday, September 25, 2008

i love the smell of a looming deadline in the morning

Hello world. A veritable tsunami of hits, due to my deluxe hot chai recipe making an appearance on the CRAFT: blog, has shamed me into throwing my blog a fricken bone.

Excitingly/worryingly, it's only a matter of weeks until I take part in my first ever craft fair. This means I actually have to finish the many, many unfinished and barely started projects that I have lying around my flat. Which was the whole point of this when I decided to sign up in the first place. Last night I had my first performance anxiety related dream, in which I turned up with NOTHING TO SELL. Nggghh.

Anyway, all being well I'll be cooking up some truly spectacular multimedia items, finishing up some long overdue knitted figures and debuting an exciting new knitting pattern I've been working on. I'll also be churning out a few homemade soy wax cinnamon candles and some radical Xmas tree decorations (electronics, anyone?). I've got even more on my list, but writing it all down is making me feel funny. Come along & see what I done at handm@de, Oxford Town Hall on Sunday 9 November.

Today I bought another pair of truly awesome vintage curtains, bringing the total number of pairs I own to 6. This might not seem excessive, until you consider that I don't even have curtains up in the house, only blinds. I buy them because I love the fabric, thinking I'm going to cut them up and use them for something, and then I just can't bear to take the scissors to them. These are really cool - I reckon they're from the 1960s, beautiful quality barkcloth, how could I not? They are going in my cupboard forever, I tell you.

vintage bark cloth curtains


  1. They're amazing!!! If I were you, I'd make extra cool cushions out of them, with big sewn on bows, can't really describe but I know what I mean. x

  2. I do exactly the same! I only have shutters over my windows at night! I take the curtains apart, wash and iron the material and, one day, I'm going to make something wonderful...