Monday, April 14, 2008

life on mars. knitted.

I'd never seen Life on Mars before I received a request to make these guys. So I watched the first episode. Then the second one. Then suddenly it was 16 hours later and I'd watched the whole lot. Not really. (But NEARLY.)

You either love Gene Hunt, or you've never seen him in action. He's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and if I had a car I would totally drive like him.

DCI Gene Hunt & DI Sam Tyler are off to Japan next week, which is sad (for me).

But the good news is that IT IS MY BIRTHDAY today, and also my Mum's. Happy birthday Mum! Thanks for teaching me to knit - without you, there would be no wooly Gene Hunt out there smashing up nonces with a bin lid, so this post is dedicated to you.


  1. Those are hysterical! Happy birthday, and happy birthday to Mum as well.

  2. Squee! That is excellent. I have it bad, bad, *bad* for Gene Hunt, so I'm delighted to see him immortalised in wool.

    Have you seen Ashes to Ashes yet? If you decide to make a 1981 Gene Hunt with his new sidekick DI Bolly Knickers, let me know. :)

  3. Hehe, I have only seen part of one episode of Life on Mars, but those figures rock!

    Happy Birthday :)

  4. They are as ever AWESOME......and happy birthday to you.

  5. (insert fawning comment here)

    Hirthy Bappday Simpson!!

  6. I love these, they are so awesome!! Happy Birthday, hope you have a spectacular day.

    - Julie

  7. happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday! i hope you have a lovely time, eat lots of cake and get really drunk without having a hangover tomorrow..xx

  8. Happy birthday! It's my Hub's birthday today, too (and my mum's was yesterday).

    Cupcakes all around!

  9. You'll be doing Quantum Leap next...

    Happy birthday!


  10. Love Gene's tie...where can i find a man size version of it?

    Happy Birthday Han. X

  11. Love it! And I can't wait for Ashes to Ashes to show up in the US for more Gene Hunt!.