Sunday, March 30, 2008

tea at monty's

Our Matt (my brother) recently made a pilgrimage to the now woefully dilapidated Sleddale Hall in Cumbria, better known as Uncle Monty's country retreat from Withnail & I. It looks as if it's been empty since the film was made - a rotting memorial to what was surely both the best and most mistaken holiday destination of all time. Check out his pictures here.


  1. That is truly awful, one of the best films of all time and the cottage is just left to rot. Really sad. Although maybe it is somehow fitting...

  2. from what I can gather, it was derelict then they filmed there - they just did it up a bit for the shoot.

    I was sad when I saw the pictures of how much it has decayed, but better that than having it tarted up into some poncey guest house, I reckon.

  3. It is going to be tarted up: