Friday, February 08, 2008


I discovered a new word! It happened by accident when I tried to type in 'Woohoo!' using predictive text on my phone. The word is 'Zonino!' and I shall be using it liberally from now on.

I fixed the margin error on my template! It took many gruelling hours, and I'm still not quite sure how it happened. Zonino!

I dremeled a miniature cricket bat! There was a tremendous amount of dust flying everywhere. I probably shouldn't have done it in the living room, but Jeremy Kyle was on & I didn't want to miss the lie detector results. The cricket bat is to accompany the Shaun of the Dead figure that is going into the shop tomorrow. Zonino!


  1. if you want, i can dremel one of your eyes so it looks smaller

  2. So zonino really means the same thing as wahoo?? That's brilliant, I'm going to use that, too! Zonino!!

    - Julie

  3. That's hilarious! My husband and I have been saying Zonino ever since we discovered the same thing on our phones! It's glorious.

  4. Zonino is in the Urban Dictionary for the very same reason.