Thursday, January 24, 2008

i has a graphics tablet

WOWEEEE! The slacker got a graphics tablet for Christmas and it has finally spurred me on to make a proper banner. Look how professional it is! I bet you thought I'd had the graphic designers in, didn't you? That's my ACTUAL HANDWRITING up there. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Also, get a load of the fancy new layout - I've always wanted a three column template and have even considered moving to Typepad in the past (£££). Turns out there's no need! I got the code tweaks from Tips for New Bloggers, in case you're interested. It took me three hours to get it how I wanted. That's one hour per column. I'm never changing it again. Even though the left margin is still bigger than the right margin.....I'm fine about it though...ngggghhhhhhhh

My computer is fixed - its treacherous faulty hard drive has been ripped out and impaled on a stick on my desk as a warning to the rest of the hardware. The computer doctor tried to thwart me by inexplicably adding an administrative password and then not telling the slacker what it was when he went to collect it. But alas he had met his match, and I cracked his puny, ill conceived password like the rotten nut it was with a mere 5 minutes of guessing. Pah!

I now have NOTHING in my iTunes. It's really liberating.

Stay tuned and I might just show you the BEST CHAIR IN THE WORLD that I bought yesterday. No really, it is.


  1. yours is surely the best lookig blog around..

  2. The site looks good!

    Looking forward to seeing the best chair in the world - I'm still currently searching. Well, I did find a close facsimile but no way was I forking out $650.

  3. that left margin is sooooooooo big compared to the right. It must be really annoying. It was definitely the first thing I noticed.

  4. grrrr, I swear the size difference between those two margins has INCREASED since your comment, antoine, you insufferable oaf.

    I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight.


  6. This new look blog is nice and all, but it needs something. Maybe you should put pictures of people wanking up on it or something.

    Hahaha. You labelled my blog NSFW. I love it.