Monday, January 07, 2008

the emergency laptop

By the power of Greyskull!!! My computer has gone for a Burton. The technical diagnosis is that its most crucial registry files have been sucked into another dimension. I knew this would happen again eventually, because my house is built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Almost.

Tomorrow I am taking it to the computer hospital to be purged of ghosts, since my last home exorcism was nothing short of a miserable failure. This time, however, I shall be forced to admit to them that I punched a gaping hole in my firewall during my vain attempts to host networked games of Settlers of Catan. Ahhhhh, but mock ye not, for tis surely by my fearless nature that I shall one day earn my rightful place in Valhalla.

This post is therefore brought to you courtesy of the emergency laptop that I borrowed off Rob. The emergency laptop is my new (slow) best friend. When I plugged it in and everything (slowly) worked, I could have kissed its (slow) little LCD face. Then I remembered that it used to belong to James, who was probably sick on it at least once, so I restrained myself. Instead, to celebrate my ongoing internet connectivity, I ate a mince pie and looked at my Christmas tree, but the magic was well and truly gone and I felt strangely empty. Welcome to 2008.


  1. my laptop (same model as james) might be a bit quicker if you wanna try! ....and there isn't any sick on it...never was...i took very good care of it x

  2. Oh Han!

    From Bella's blog to yours - with great thanks for watching the great slow ship escapades - how frustrating and how valiant. Great pics and great stories. We wish you the power of Bella's daily light soaking up to your internet darkness.

    Lots of good wishes!! E&P