Thursday, January 31, 2008

bing bang boing

I don't know why I'm so excited about this, but I am. I had no idea this game existed until this morning, but right now I can think of NOTHING I would rather do than wang a ball bearing down the Bingle Flinger, across the Humdrums, up the Banglevator, through the Flickerticker and into the Boingle Bucket, all accompanied by the musical stylings of Jean-Jacques Perrey. I'm talking "Bing Bang Boing" by Ideal Games, from 1972.

Bring it back! I want one so bad! Click here to check it out at the start of this reel of old 70s toy adverts. Seriously, I can't stop watching it. The sight of all those ball bearings hopping off into the distance fairly brings tears of yearning to my eyes every time.

And if that's not enough Moog for you, have a look at this video of Jean-Jacques Perrey in action, playing the very music from this ad - "Chicken on the Rocks". Just the sort of thing you should listen to on your iPod while you are walking around your local neighbourhood. I'm telling you, you really should.


  1. That is truly amazing! Like the old Cascade game but with extra bits.

    I wonder how one could go about knocking something similar together from scratch. Hmmmm....

  2. Wow that is AWESOME. I wonder how many of those are collecting dust in American attics...

  3. and there i was thinking that screwball scramble was the pinnacle of ball bearing based childrens toys!

  4. i LOVED chicken on the rocks thanks for that..oh and tell your dad i like his blog and i hope that he is feeling FINE (i read your blog all the time by the way. Axl's is pretty funny too oh and we have started using zonino in our