Monday, December 03, 2007

fetch me my tools...

Save your breath! You will never convince me that building something as wholly magnificent as THIS:

is not the BEST IDEA EVER. Read the story of its creator and see more pictures of this absolute marvel of the modern age here. To think that it nearly ended up in a charity shop! The thought of stumbling across something like this one day is the reason I walk so fast everywhere. Obviously, any delay might cause a knock on effect that would ultimately result in me arriving at the chazza just in time to see some smug bastard waltzing out of the shop with it. It could happen. It musn't happen.

So if you wanted to know what I want for Christmas this year, there you go. I also wouldn't say no to a Junior Carpenter Tool Set and a short trip back in time so that I can pay better attention in my electronics classes. Thanks Santa xx


  1. I use to have the Junior Carpenter Tool Set i'm pretty sure i used it once then got bored!!

  2. I need this in my life .... sorry I went all westwood there!