Monday, October 08, 2007

back to the crunch

Hello! Today I am mostly drunk on rum. But that doesn't matter, because rum or no rum, I have stumbled upon yet another invention that fills my heart with joy and hope for the future of all mankind. A timely & welcome reminder that I am not alone in the world.

Make no mistake, I love da crunch. If there was some way to make things crunchier than they were to start with, I'd do it, but it still wouldn't be crunchy enough for me. When I eat cereal, I have 90% cereal, 10% milk, and I eat it inhumanly fast. But now I can have crunchy cereal EVERY DAY, AT A LEISURELY PACE, so very crunchy, for the rest of my life. I am so happy.

Buy yours here at I'm off to buy mine right now, even though I drank all that rum & should probably not be shopping on the internet at 3 in the morning. BUT 60% of the time, I do what I want ALL THE TIME, and I can no longer live without the eatmecrunchy cereal bowl, especially at £3.95 with free delivery THANK YOU WORLD, THIS IS ALL I EVER WANTED, APART FROM ALL THAT RUM WHAT I DRUNK EARLIER. Adios!


  1. Who knew I was in the minority? I let my cereal sit with lots of milk for a few minutes before I even dig in. I love it soggy!

    Also, it's been a rough morning, and rum sounds pretty good right now!

  2. surprisingly, in the cold light of day, the idea of drinking more rum is about as appealing as a bowlful of soggy cereal.


  3. I remember seeing what might of been the prototype for this on the big breakfast, Trevor Baylis & Johny Vaughan in the "in my shed son" bit...looks like this is the final version, very cool!

  4. how timely. my boyfriend & i were just talking about this today. we ate cereal for breakfast (i'm a crunchy & he's a soggy) & neither of us can figure out how the other continues to live eating cereal the "wrong" way. also, he thought i was crazy when i told him my cereal-eating method (very little milk, super fast, bites from the bottom where the pieces touch the milk so they're only there long enough to get wet). :)

  5. am so amused - by both the Eatmecrunchybowl (which I wholeheartedly agree is very useful...) and by you at 3am blogging away with a rum buzz. thanks!

  6. you've made it onto the eatmecrunchy blog - check it out - - hope you're enjoying your bowl - cheers for add...
    Crunchy cereal for life