Thursday, July 05, 2007

my dad is better than your dad

Tuesday was a pretty intense day. As my Mum and I kept ourselves busy by taking a long walk around the village, 20 miles away in the Northern General Hospital, a surgeon cut open my Dad's chest and stopped his heart.

My Dad is cool. No offence, but your Dad would have to try really hard to be anywhere near as cool as my Dad. Computer wizard, webmaster, photographer, artist, amateur astronomer & meteorologist, Shostakovich enthusiast, cactus/orchid/bonsai aficionado, film buff and tropical fish keeper - I could go on. My Dad has a Hi-Fi setup with the potential to burst a man's eyeballs at 50 paces if he cranked it right up. He also has a much bigger TV than your Dad. There's not a gizmo or gadget invented that he can't master. He even has an iPod. I bet your Dad doesn't have an iPod.
My point here is that there's simply too much wonder in the world, too many technological advancements and future episodes of Doctor Who to watch for him to be shuffling off at the tender age of 62.

Back to Tuesday morning, and several fraught hours of waiting brought the news that my Dad had pulled through his heart bypass operation with all the vigour and resilience of a true Yorkshireman. A mere 6 hours after his operation, he was guzzling tea and demanding morphine and crisps. He still has a way to go, but the worst is most definitely over.

And so, because no post is really complete without a picture, I would like to take the opportunity to showcase one of my Dad's finest creations; I'm talking, of course, about ME. Because what better pastime is there than rooting through old photographs at your parents' house between hospital visits?


  1. glad to hear yr dad's on the's to a super-speedy recovery..hope y're ok, though..(rockin skates, by the way)..x

  2. Wow, your dad really is way cooler than my dad (sorry my dad!) and I'm sure that with the power of drugs and bacon flavour crisps he will be back playing with his gadgets in no time. May the force be with him. And as for that rather lovely ensemble you're modeling? Peachy. Just Peachy.

  3. You look like you were rather a "special" child.
    Get well soon Mr Simpson!

  4. oh man! nice pics! i reckon i had an outfit pretty similar to that when i was a kid.
    way to go Mr S. ps your giant tv is awesome.

  5. my dad is an arsehole so everyone's dad is better than my dad, but your dad is incredible! yahoooo! damn you were a cool kid....what happened?

  6. Booze happened.
    Drugs and grapes happened.
    Periods happened.

    All these things made a nice kid a loser lady.


  7. I hope your Dad gets better and also I hope you still wear jeans as cool at those.

  8. I knew it, as you described him, that your dad had to be a fellow Yorkshireman. A bit of surgery can't keep a man like that down.

  9. Perhaps a nice pint of ale would speed the recovery. Glad hes on the mend. Hope you, your bro and your mam are going ok.
    Tinkin of you.

    PS You better not be letting Matt play with your dad's remote, thats for tough Yorkshiremen only. ;)

  10. Glad ya Dad is on mend Han, the fact he has an iPod shows he really is better than my Dad (a casio watch would fox him).

    Love the rollerskates, not nearly as much as you are clearly loving them thou haha x