Saturday, April 21, 2007

mr dangly brings sexy back

If you ever needed an incentive to clone mr dangly, then surely this is it. This brilliant incarnation of the dangly one is the work of Grace Schnebly, who blogs at Kathryn Ivy. When I first clapped eyes on this picture, I literally laughed out loud. Have you ever seen a monkey look more seductive?

Grace was also kind enough to amend the mistakes in my pattern (because I am too lazy). You can check out more pics and the amended pattern here. I am almost tempted to make another one for myself, except right now I must invest all of my free time into a ambitious conceptual cake making contest that is taking place tomorrow, the thought of which is making my braaiin hurrrtt... watch for updates soon.


  1. monkey? male? where?

    :=) just kidding. I love him! He's the sexiest and least scary 'craft' monkey I've ever seen.

  2. Actually I have yes, but that's a private matter and currently under investigation.

    Ever knitted a Bob Dylan? I just think it's necessary.