Sunday, March 25, 2007

guitar hero cake

Mmmmmmmmm...Guitar Hero Cake. Devoured moments after this photo was taken by hungry revellers, in celebration of Matt's Birthday. I made it for Matt because he is better at Guitar Hero than I am, and I wanted him to think know that I am cool with that, and that there are no hard feelings and it doesn't bother me at all. I'm glad, in fact. Gladgladglad.

Guitar Hero cake was inspired by an old book called 'Cake Magic' that I found in a charity shop a while ago. It contains a mind boggling assortment of vigorously buttercreamed cakes - including shoe cake (a cakey shoe?) a space station, a piano and a guitar, which I used as the basis for my cake. I like this variation on the classic 'face cake'...

...and this awesome typewriter cake.

The typewriter is my favourite. It's really only a matter of time before somebody makes a Speak n Spell cake. I don't want to think about that at the moment though. I have eaten a lot of cake in the last 48 hours and I need to go and lie down for a bit.


  1. I am impressed! You did a great job on the cake!!!

    My mother must have had a different book in the series since I do not recognize those pictures. However, she did have a book that helped her whip up an airplane, a train, Snoopy, and a tiger for various birthdays over the years. I hope I was properly appreciative at the time because I LOVE the pictures and the memories of those cakes!

    Thanks for providing a happy flashback!

  2. That is the best. Oh, Guitar Hero. Such fun. I suck at it.

    I love the 70s colors and the spikey frosting on the typewriter cake.

  3. Wow, that's so cool.

    I'm hoping for a fairy princess castle cake with turrets for my party but only because my ma was way to shit to ever make one for me when I was a minor.

    I know many a man who would be jealous on seeing that cake...many a man!

  4. That was some fucking delicious cake!

  5. The person that wants to eat the kid's-face-piece of tv cake is the one who dunnit.

  6. the birthday boy should have the honour of eating his own face. it is his special day, after all.

  7. Glad to read your dad came through his surgery with flying colors!

    I love that typewriter cake! I'm going to have to dig up the old cakebook from my mother and make myself a lion cake for my birthday. It will be nowhere near as cool.

  8. Speaking of Speak 'n Spell, I am making one this week for my best friend's 30th birthday. I thought it would be awesome since it pretty much became popular the year she was born. Well I will have to tag you with some pictures. Great job on all your cakes. Very creative!

  9. That's awesome, I'd LOVE to see pics of your Speak 'n Spell cake - good luck with it :-)