Wednesday, March 14, 2007

dalek egg

Eggs, eh? They're funny aren't they? Well I think they are. Not actual eggs, you understand, just the word egg. Egg egg egg.

This post is partially inspired by my good friend JC and his bitterly disappointing experience upon discovering that his large Cadbury's Creme Egg Easter egg was in fact hollow, and not crammed full of delicious fondant. I think we've all been there. In fact, listen up, eggmongers - we're not gonna take your lame hollow eggs any more! What's the point? Oooooh, a chocolate egg WITH NOTHING INSIDE! It's not good enough!

I went into Marks & Spencers the other day, right, to gaze wistfully at the cakes - it's a hobby of mine. Anyway, imagine my tremendous excitement when I happened upon a Dalek shaped box amongst the Easter eggs. Bloody hell, I thought, A CHOCOLATE DALEK! How good is that! Now I know you're all getting excited about this, but seriously, don't bother. Because, on closer inspection, it wasn't a chocolate Dalek at all - it was another shitting hollow egg in a Dalek shaped box. WTF is that all about? I mean what is that even supposed to be? A Dalek Egg?

Shove it up yer arse, Marks & Spencers. There's gonna be a lot of disappointed children this Easter.


  1. I am gonna get me knife and cut some chocolate sellers Stanley stylee!


    Now THAT's what I'm talking about...

  3. ahh, yes. all hail the classic Creme de la Creme egg.