Thursday, April 13, 2006

better. stronger. faster.

My computer is working. WORKING I tell you! Not only that, but it has been augmented with cybernetic parts, giving it superhuman strength and speed. Together my computer and I shall fight injustice wherever it is found.

I am back, people.

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  1. Greetings! I found your work through a friend of mine who knits, and I -just had to comment- on how great your zombie flick dollies are. They're so cool! Plus I love how you did so well w/the likenesses- (specifically for Shaun, his best bud, and the biker guy in Dawn who's been in all the other horror movies). They remind me so much of the original characters, and they're just so fun!! Thanks for thinkin' 'em up, makin' 'em so fun & putting 'em up on a public forum.

    Cheers and Wishing I Could Buy a Few,
    Renae (Who's going to tell all her zombie-fanatic friends to come here and see your neat work.) Thanks! :D