Saturday, March 18, 2006

some facts about Tom Savini

Eagle-eyed fans of DOTD were right to enquire about the omission of Tom Savini's character from my knitted set of Dawn of the Dead figures. What was I thinking!
When a fan of the movie contacted me a few months ago to tell me he had printed out some pictures of my knitted characters to show to the cast at a convention, I started to panic. He later informed me that he had seen Tom at the convention, but not spoken to him. He had, however, shown the pictures to Gaylen Ross and a few other cast members. These things get around, you know, and I convinced myself that Savini had noted my glaring oversight and would be coming after me to chop me in the head with a machete, like I deserved.
But, so far, he has yet to drive his motorcycle through my front door... so without further ado, I present to you my knitted tribute to Tom Savini.


Tom Savini is surely one of the coolest guys ever to grace the movie industry. As well as executing his own kick-ass stunts, he can whip up a bloodbath of special effects at a moment's notice, makes up a mean zombie, holds his own as an actor, and even directed a decent re-make of 'Night of the Living Dead' in 1990.
The time I was unfortunate enough to find myself watching 'Children of the Living Dead', I switched it off in disgust as soon as Deputy Hughs croaked. Not because this was The Worst Film I Have Ever Seen, but because the bottom line is this - Tom Savini may kill you, but you may not kill Tom Savini. He's THE MAN, plain and simple. If you don't believe me, check out the facts:

  • Tom Savini can deflect a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris with the glare from his machete.
  • When Tom Savini chops an onion (with his machete), the onion cries.
  • There is no chin behind Tom Savini's beard. Only another fist. Holding a machete.
  • Tom Savini can fold a piece of paper in half infinity times.
  • Tom Savini sleeps with a pillow under his machete.
  • Tom Savini can derive Euclid's fifth postulate from the other four, merely by threatening them with his machete.
  • When programming a computer, Tom Savini does not need to write a C++ string to slice off a target value by the size of the base type - he uses a machete.
  • Tom Savini broke the mountain's back in 'Brokeback Mountain'. With his machete.
  • Tom Savini eats little pieces of shit* like you for breakfast. Or something.

*Tom Savini definitely does not eat little pieces of shit. Ever.


  1. I bet he doesn't sleep either...I bet he waits ..with a machete.

  2. A mans man, who eats the whole box of shredded wheat cardboard included, without any milk. A mean mother who shits another machete when the first one breaks.

  3. But where is his machete in your knit picture?!

  4. That's a very good question, and one which I'm afraid I'm going to have to pretend I didn't hear. ;)

  5. Thought you would find this of interest. Bet he'll have his machete here...

  6. do they all live with you or do you box them away for the night?
    they are wild.

  7. A knitted Tom Savini - I am speechless: you are a genius.

  8. Hopefully, Tom will find his way to your site... I emailed him this page and thought your tribute was very sweet. It should be seen by all manner of Romero and Savini fans...


  9. If I send you a copy of my zombie movie, will you knit some of the characters? For a small fee? I'm dead serious. Pun intended. I'm posting puns now, that's how serious I am.

  10. I have only today learned about you and this site, but I must say: YOU ARE A HERO! this is amazing stuff. you understand about DOTD, han solo, TOM SAVINI!! (a friend of mine grew up in pitts. and knew him when she was a child. seems he was very generous and did a super scary haunted house for the neighborhood kids each halloween)

    do you take requests?
    flash gordon ('80's)
    werewolves (the company of wolves or american werewolf in london)
    harryhausen creatures??
    the many faces and stages of bowie?

    keep up the good knitting!

  11. I wholeheartedly second Anne's request for Harryhausen creatures and faces/stages of Bowie! You are brilliant!! Looks like you sell your art...I'm off to find your shop.

  12. I once gave Tom my last cigarette at a convention in Atlanta, GA. He thanked me from the bottom of his heart then stared at my boobs. He was the coolest! That was years ago and I still grin when I think about Mr. Savini. Do you remember Lucy from the Creepshow movie? His daughter dragged that weird little creature around as a kind of comfy blanket until it fell to pieces.

    Great blog! You are one talented woman.

  13. Tom Savini knitted me a machette with two machette knitting needles cuz my first one ran away when he called it a little dull. Oh, I kill me. You Guys Rock.

  14. this is awesome! keep up the good work

    Lia Savini

  15. wow, thanks! high praise indeed :)

  16. do you sell these anywhere? I'd love to get one....



  17. He's a closet homosexual with a fondness for WWE wrestler beef.

    1. A real man's man.