Monday, December 12, 2005

the knitted white stripes

I just spent the last seventeen minutes having palpitations because I thought that I had broken my blog. This is because of my propensity for tampering with things to the point of destruction - a quality I inherited from my Dad. Have I learned my lesson from this hair-raising episode? Time will tell. Or I can just save you the wait, and tell you that no, I definitely haven't.

I have been taking a break from zombies, but the little folk, they just keep on coming. Last month, after seeing the White Stripes in concert for the first time, I decided that they would make perfect little knitted characters.

the white stripes

Don't worry, there are plenty more zombies to come, as well as some other stuff which I am keeping under wraps for now...
It has been another exciting week for me. Even though I killed most of my remaining brain cells partying hard at ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas*, I recovered enough to drag myself out of bed early on Tuesday morning to take delivery of a shiny new sewing machine! Hooray for Christmas! I must have been good this year! I have promised my Dad I won't use it before Christmas, so for now I must resign myself to just gazing at it wistfully. I can't wait, though!

* I had the best time ever at ATP, but I'm trying to pretend it wasn't that good so that Emma doesn't get too upset that she missed out on the best music festival I have ever been to, ever. EVER. I had such a good time that only 1 out of my 130 photographs turned out good, and not very good at that. If you're interested, it's here.



  2. Oh mY GoD!! I just saw yr zombies on craftster and I looove them! Yr little pieces of art are inspiring me to pick up my knitting needles again! Keep up the good work! p.s:If I wanted to start knitting little toys for people I know, do you have any tips on how to begin? Patterns, books, etc.? Thanks!

  3. I don't think you've quite captured Meg's camel toe there. ;)


  4. i'm loving your knitted people + zombies!
    do you have a general knitting pattern/method you follow and wouldn't mind sharing with the world?
    I really want to knit my own and missed all auctions (and my student debt is killing me already)
    keep up the great cult-status work!

  5. Admiring your zombie obsession greatly and deeply jealous that you went to the Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Am sure there's some stripy trousers in Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things that would knit up well...

  6. I love these white stripes figures! I am an avid white stripes collector...and I love the DIY stuff the most! Any chance you will be making more to sell via etsy? I would love to buy a set for my collection! Plese give me a heads up if you make another set to sell, I will definitley be interested!

  7. OMG....I came for the Chai post, but fell in love with this one!!! :lol: I am a mad WS fiend, and have done a few WS crafts myself...too fun!

  8. I think Indiana Jones needs a knitted rendition. A knitted whip and fedora would be pretty sweet.