Monday, November 07, 2005

in which I don't mention the z word, because it's ridiculous

As if there weren't enough toys in my house already, what with the growing collection of electronic children's toys I am hoarding for some future circuit bending project (including an original 1978 speak & spell and a talking space explorer), I find myself irresistibly drawn towards this recycled yarn elephant from muji:

So great. He also comes in Cow, Giraffe and Pig. I am a big fan of muji, and have often admired their range of cotton twill dogs, like this guy:


and this guy:


I am definitely seeing some sewing projects in my near future - part of what I enjoy about making toys is seeing things come together into a coherent whole out of their component parts, and sewing is potentially much quicker than knitting, only less portable.
Having said that, last night a security guard at the Hammersmith Apollo told me that my knitting needles were an 'offensive weapon', and pulled me to one side to call over all his colleagues.
"This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about" he tells them loudly. Everyone looks upon my knitting with grave expressions. A tiny arm dangles forlornly from one needle. Nobody asks what I am making.
"Keep these inside your bag at all times" he says eventually "We don't want them to fall into the wrong hands".
"Damn right" I think to myself, "someone could end up knitting a poncho or something." Ack.


  1. Were you at the white stripes last night? Me too!

    I was a bit worried going to a gig the other week when a security guard asked me if I had any sharp objects in my bag. He saw my knitting, but thankfully the needles are plastic so I got away with it. ;)

  2. I love that elephant, I wish we had a Muji near us I love them too and our nearest one recently closed down - bummer !

    I love the idea that knitting needles can be deadly weapons - what is the world coming to ?

  3. Not to mention the Z word, but are you playing yet?

  4. heck yes I am! I'm currently playing as spyderbaby, cakeyvoice, and hannah j. Killing zombies is fun :)

  5. ah well, can I direct you to my latest post re lethal knitting needles.

    Love the daxi by the way!

  6. Great Muji link. Thank you!