Friday, October 28, 2005


Holy Crap, what a week it has been. Having bust out of my flickr bandwidth, had my photostream viewed 28,000 times, received more quips than you could shake a stick at, been interviewed over the phone for a US news channel, clocked up over 10,000 hits on my blog in a week, been buried under a ton of e-mail and had one of my pictures on the front of a magazine (if you're in or around Portsmouth NH, pick yourself up a free copy of the Wire), I can only conclude that what the world really, really needed in these troubled times was just some good old-fashioned knitted zombies. Thankyou world. How heartening.

But I'm afraid it doesn't stop there, world, oh no. I am already 60% of the way through the sequel, like some kind of unstoppable moron. I'm not going to give too much away until it's finished, but here's a sneak preview:

No pics on flickr yet, I am over the limit. Anyone wanna sponsor me? First taker gets a knitted minion of their choice. UPDATE: Many thanks to sewingstars for the subscription, it is very gratefully received. Your knitted minion will be on its way to you shortly. :)


  1. hey, i just paid up your flickr account. make more zombies, i am totally in love with them. i even made my own sewn zombie...freddie the zombie...because i loved your so much!

    keep making awesome stuff!!


    The publicity and praise is well deserved. If Stars hadn't beaten me to it, I'd have sponsored your account myself. Email me if you find yourself in need of an extra year!

    My guess for the sequel in progress: Land of the Dead. If so, the "Pez Dispenser" zombie is a must. You know- the one with the slightly attached head. (Loved that scene!)

    Anyhow, glad to see that there's a light on in the window at the Zombie Farm. That means Ol' Lady Cakeyvoice is churnin' out more knitted hordes of the dead...

  3. That's nuts. You rock, girl!

    Love the lighting on that second picture. Adds quite a sense of intrigue...

  4. I've been following here, on craftster, on other blogs. LOVE these things. Afraid to show to my husband, because he'll want one (we're both Romero fans, and Dawn is my fave too). All the praise and attention is well-deserved.

  5. congratulations! the zombies are soooo "cute" (?). (yes, something a knitter can appreciate). the beauty of zombies ... they inspire crazy thoughts and gauge is not so important :)
    ride the wave and enjoy!

  6. this is wonderful news!
    super star!

  7. I meant to post that I love your zombies. Congrats on being on the cover of a magazine. And I can't wait to see the sequel!

    Yep, all we need are knitted zombies.

  8. I don't know if someone already suggested this, or maybe I missed it.

    Why don't you sell the pattern for your awesome knitted zombies? Not only do they rock but it seems that everyone is experiencing a little knitzombie envy. You'd rake it in!

    I love them. :)

  9. ...and now you're on BoingBoing, way to go. All you need now is the patience to re-enact the whole movie and you could be a feature on a DVD a la Titanic. :)