Monday, October 10, 2005


My bloody computer is broken AGAIN. I'm thinking of going back to using a ZX81. Can you get on the internet with one of those things?
Of course it doesn't help that I have developed a fear of actually turning my computer on, because I have started to take all of those blue screen fatal error messages personally. Does my computer not understand? I CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO FIX IT.
Fixing my computer is NOT MY HOBBY AT THE MOMENT. If fixing computers is your current hobby, then feel free to come to my house and I will make you a cake, or some Japanese food, or knit you something, or maybe I will play you a song, or take a photo of you fixing my computer, and then we can get drunk and listen to some music and watch Trisha and go on a bike ride to some charity shops and look at other people's pets or something because those actually ARE my hobbies and I don't have vacancies right now for any new ones.
Now I'm only saying this because I'm not actually on MY computer at the moment, and I know that my computer will probably never find out because in all likelihood I'm going to smash it up in a fit of rage in the near future, but I am starting to hate my computer. We had a deal. I would buy it and give it a table to sit on, and in return it would work perfectly and unconditionally for ever and ever, and biscuits would come out of the CD-ROM drive. Why can't things just work the way you want them to?


  1. There must be some way of making an origami eBay searching computer. I'm sure that would end all troubles. And world famine and porverty.

  2. It might be out of biscuits. Have you tried loading more biscuits?

  3. thanks dude, I'll put the kettle on.

  4. Ok I will fix or help to rebuild it for you, but I want a Shaun of the Dead knitted collection. And I live in Oxford, so hit me back at my LiveJournal Page - Keniken.

  5. Knit a shaun of the dead collection, sell it to faceless, or on ebay, for £500 and buy a pimped mac mini. see if you can break that one - it has no coffee holder on it.