Wednesday, July 13, 2005

pop quiz, mofos

Who could it be?

oooh, he likes you...

The scraggly beard may have gone, but....blonde hair? Childlike ears? Full of beans? Surely it can't's:

The inimitable Simon Pegg, in Land of the Dead. He scrubs up pretty menacing alright. While we're at it, here's Edgar Wright doing his best 'cross' face. My research has led me to believe I won't be able to see this film until SEPTEMBER, for crying out loud. Lucky I'm so calm and patient and not at all prone to bouts of irrational anger otherwise I'D BE FREAKING OUT!!! BUT I'M NOT!! I'M ABSOLUTELY FINE!! HAHAHA!!


  1. What a transformation!!

    Speaking of which, check out this.

    I think a movie career calls...

  2. Good grief. As if I'm not disturbed enough already...

  3. Thought you might find this interesting.

  4. ...specifically the films on 20th Aug.