Tuesday, June 21, 2005

zombie round-up

Trailer for George Romero's 'Land Of The Dead' right here. It's kind of ambiguous, but it can't be bad if it's got Dennis Hopper in it. Not to mention Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Asia Argento and Tom Savini. It CAN'T be bad. Can it? It can't be bad, can it? Someone?


  1. Your right. Looks ambiguous. I've always thought Romero had a classic approach to filmmaking, and although I haven't seen the remake of Dawn of the Dead, many others have and it may be hard not to compare this with that. Add in the big sfx, and this may struggle to offer anything new on the Zombie story. Saying that Shaun was top notch but that was a different type of film... I digress. As to Dennis Hopper, need I mention Waterworld. Benefit of the doubt job I think.

    On a zombie vein, thought you might find this intersting.

    Finally, was at the London Film and Comic Con over the weekend, and they were heavily promoting Night Watch. Could be worth a look.

  2. GAH! This post originally said 'don't mention Waterworld' and then you go and mention it, dammit. It also said 'don't mention 'Children of the Living Dead' which was an absolutely DIRE movie featuring Tom Savini.
    Zombie dogs, eh? It's a bit Pet Sematary for my liking...

  3. To be honest I thought Waterworld was ok as films go. I've seen better films, and I've seen worse films. Take Speed...

    Tom Savini must have his finger in every zombie movie ever made, with the exception of the Return of the Living Dead series. Not having seen it though, I am intrigued by his movie 'Zombiegeddon' where he plays Jesus Christ.