Monday, June 20, 2005

you want, maybe, something a little intense diatonic?


I love these crazy old modular synthesisers. Not least because they are as confusing as fuck. Don't pretend you wouldn't be scared if you were standing in front of one. Where would you start? Where's the bloody keyboard? What the hell is going on? I like to imagine myself yanking out fistfuls of wires and randomly jamming them back in like some kind of sonic Jackson Pollock. But they don't just look confusing, oh no. You've got your VCOs, your VCFs and your VCAs, your EGs, your DSGs and all manner of other acronyms and technicalities too boring to mention.
I once completed a year of a Musical Instrument Electronics course at Newark & Sherwood college. I built a stylophone from scratch, including designing and etching the circuit board. Dunno what happened to that, but I do know this - electronics is NOT for me. There's only so many times you can blow up an LED using high voltage current before the smell starts to give you a headache. I finally lost the plot whilst studying logic gates, but not before I had programmed a BBC Micro to play the theme from Ski Sunday. It took me 9 hours. Note on, note off. Good times.
The point of this post was to bring you attention to this - a 1983 demo tape produced by the Serge synth company with 100mb of FREE music for your listening pleasure [via]. My personal favourites include: Papoon for President, Big Mama, Anagenic, He Is Come, Her Blade....oh who am I kidding. I like them ALL.

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  1. The web filter at work is a right bastard, preventing me from enjoying this unil I can access if from home. Apparently, many hackers use these MP3s as a means to compromise the security of secret military servers in Colorado (web sense blocks the files because they're classified a "Hacking") So I'll have to use these until I'm safe at home in front of my IMSAI 8080, ready to upload these files via my 1200 baud Cermetek 212A. Lookout Dabney- here I come!

    I have no intentions to pursue a hobby in blogging (my account was set up just so I could post here) but I have rambled a bit about Synthesizer Showcase albums here, since you may be interested.