Thursday, June 02, 2005

dear god no

Ladies and gentlemen, call the police. Why? Because I have comitted a terrible, heinous crime. I am guilty of...the greengrocer's apostrophe. Yep, I was checking my eBay sales, and WHOOP there it is! TOY'S. That's what I wrote, people. "24 of the easiest soft toy's you'll ever knit". The worst part of it is that someone has bid on it already and that means I can't edit the description. Which means for the next 9 days and 11 hours it's just gonna be there, taunting me. This is serious stuff, people. I'm off to slit my wrists. (Note: originally this said wrist's, for a laugh, but I had to change it because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Seriously.)
(Video's from £2.94 by Jon Evans)


  1. <shaking of head in disbelief> skitz </shaking of head in disbelief>

    cakey, cakey, cakey... what are we to do with you?

    On a lighter note, no more can you chastise me for my incorrect grammar and punctuation. Mwahaha

    <insane cackling> skitz </insane cackling>

  2. Yeah yeah, laugh it up. It's never going to happen again, so you may as well make the most of it...

  3. "It was caramel cake"
    Ha Ha say no more
    IT WAS YOU!!

  4. Thats why you are called cakeyvoice
    Cos you put your cakeyfinger in cakeycaramelpie, then into your cakey mouth and it stuck to your cakeyvoice.
    You should be called caramelcakeyvoice

  5. Fuck off you fucking cake criminal, I'm going to travel back in fucking time and have that cake forensically tested. YOU DID IT. JUST ADMIT IT.

  6. It's good to know someone has a conscience about these thing's.


  8. This is sooooo shared with my grammar nazi friends!
    Love your whole blog, you are gonna be on my list if
    I can ever figure out how to post a list... or well if
    I ever get back to posting on my blog. I love your
    Knit of the Living Dead! Especially the slide show.
    You are getting famous you know, I found you through
    Stitch'n'Bitch Los Angeles. Love all your soft toys
    and your Reader's Digest How To book addiction. I picked
    up one of The Complete Guide to Needlework several years
    ago and made a crocheted tote bag (had not yet learned to
    knit) from their pattern, never fails to get compliments...
    of course it could be my colour blocking... lol.