Tuesday, May 17, 2005

iPods are stupid anyway

It's finished! I'm sure that Steve will surely be nothing short of delighted when he discovers that the design was inspired by a jumper that I saw Mark E. Smith wearing.
I don't have an iPod. I have neurolinguistically programmed myself into not wanting one, by saying things like 'I'll never use it' and 'They're only for idiots' and 'They give you cancer'. Truth be told, if I hadn't quit my job I would totally have one by now, broadcasting away on my own pirate radio station.
Instead I have chosen to live vicariously through the iPods of the people by giving them this - the opportunity to be just like Steve, with an iPod jumper of their very own. Don't forget to throw your guitar on the floor and storm out of band practice occasionally, or the effect may be lost.

Here's what you'll need:
Double knitting yarn oddments in dark green and lime
3.25mm needles
4mm double pointed needles
a fancy button

Gauge - 15 rows/11st = 4cm in stocking stitch.

  • Cast on 24 stitches in lime green.
  • Knit 10 rows in K2P2 rib.
  • Change to dark green - knit 6 rows stocking stitch ending purl row.
  • Begin pattern. (X = lime green).
  • Knit 23 rows straight stocking stitch in dark green ending purl row.
  • Work pattern again in reverse.
  • Knit 6 rows stocking stitch in dark green.
  • Change to lime green, purl one row. Work 9 rows P2K2 rib. Cast off in rib. Weave in ends.
  • To make fastening, cast on 3st on double pointed needles. Knit 10cm of i-cord.
  • Seam up sides with mattress stitch. Attach i-cord to back side of cast off edge.
  • Fix button to front. It will help if you position the button while iPod is inside, for best fit.


  1. Hurrah! Thanks for this pattern! I shall be trying it out soon. Word.

  2. Hey you. On the subject of knitting / iThings.... what is your opinion about these iShuffle wrappers? Is it a 'simple' cross stitch type thing, wrapped and linked at the back?

    love me.

  3. ooohh lovely, they're much fancier than cross stitch. that's some laborious embroidery! a bargain considering the work that must have gone in to them :)

  4. Love your linguistic programing!
    I just plain cannot afford one.
    Beautiful cozy and shared now on
    Stitch'n'Bitch Los Angeles.

  5. Not being a knitter or crochet-er by any stretch of the imagination, (granny squares in teen years) I think I will attempt one using a thrift store kid's sweater sleeve cuff. What do you think? Will it work?

    Unless zapped, never invent ovoid visceral automata.

  6. I am in the process of making an iPod nano case that is very, very like this one of yours. I didn't follow your instructions because I'm using different yarn, needles, number of stitches, and I hate seaming, so I'm knitting it in the round, but I'm styling it off of yours, and it will look very similar to yours when I finish.

    If it comes out as well as I hope, I would like to post instructions for my friends. I would, of course, link back to yours since I am copying yours. Would you mind my posting it? Since I am copying yours, I would not post it without your permission.

  7. jenny m: sure! no problem. thanks for asking :)

  8. Just what I'm looking for - but where is the chart?