Tuesday, May 03, 2005

cookies and kebabs, lawn mowers and lamp posts, synchronized swimmers and sumo wrestlers, bulldozers and windmills, giraffes and brontosauruses

There are many reasons why I want to live in Japan. The Parappa the Rapper toaster! Fish balls! The Gakken Emile Berliner Gramophone Turntable! The Dawn of the Dead PS2 game! Wabi-sabi! The craft books! The vending machines!* Domo-kun! The really small stuff! Nasubi! Godzilla! Abandoned theme parks! Noodle soup! Polysics! Kawaii! Decent horror films!
And now I have discovered this. Katamari Damacy. The game of rolling everything in the world into gigantic clumps in order to rebuild the cosmos. Go here to Namco's download page where you will find, amongst other things, a papercraft 'square looking meow cat' to print out and sit on your desk.
Of course, this game is not available in the UK because we are living like a bunch of frickin Western throwbacks who only like shooting and kicking games. Grrrr. This island needs to take a cruise around the world. Haul anchor!

*In Worksop there used to be a maggot vending machine. This doesn't mean that Worksop is good, it just means they used to vend maggots from a machine.


  1. I am not positive that I want to live there, but I would very much like to visit Japan. That gramophone! I want one. I want to use it to trade secret messages with people.

  2. My best friend lives in Japan and he reckons it's the mutts nuts. Also my hubby went there on business and agreed...I want to go there and soon.

  3. I have taken your lead and helped a meow cat of my very own into the world.

  4. The soundtrack of Katamari Damacy is rather excellent. Please get! Also: Japan does beat all the other countries.

  5. I'm catching up with this blog and missed the boat. The Square Meow Kitty is a MUST for my workplace, but the old link that was provided is now dead.

    So I found the new link:

    I also noticed that a reference to the kitty can be found here:

    Apparently, the Katamari Damacy papercraft downloads were provided by Tamasoft, who have software that it used to create the PDFs. (There is a 'Pepakura' editor.) Diggin' it.

  6. hey, thanks for the updates. I have fixed the broken link :)