Sunday, May 01, 2005

birth of the RECORCHESTRA

Finished! I even had time to make Pavlova and relax with a couple of beers before everyone arrived. My hands were super-sore from the wire knitting, but it was worth it! Mum really liked it.

Later, me and our Mat embarked upon a wine fuelled 2 hour full-volume recorder jam session. The repertoire rather ambitiously included the entire 'Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets' album. Mat's shrill interpretation of the school orchestra classic 'Russian Dance' made me cry with laughter. We verily rocked the house with our mad skills.


  1. Fucking grand, that!
    Is it 'mithril'?


  2. yes, i mined it myself.

  3. Tips for wire knitting? The bracelet is cool.

  4. I pretty much copied Jen's pattern from X-treme Knitting, except I used garter stitch instead of stocking. Check out earlier progress pictures here.