Saturday, March 26, 2005

knock knock?

Hail fellow nerds! Today is an especially exciting day in the UK nerd calendar, due to the imminent broadcasting of the new Dr Who. I am looking forward to this even though I am sick and tired of people going on about how they hid behind the sofa from it as a kid. Give it a rest. How about if we just presume you hid behind the sofa unless you say otherwise? I want to hear about how someone DIDN'T hide behind the sofa. Were you that kid? I want to hear from you. Together we'll form an alliance and tour the universe destroying the sofas of lazy journalists who can't think of anything better to say about Dr Who*. Sheesh. Hey, click the title of this post to have a go on the Radiophon-A-Tron. Crank up that volume! To heck with the neighbours!

As if that wasn't enough rippling of the nerd pool, I unwittingly stumbled across the range of knitted Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy plush figures. I need a lie down.

i didn't make this

*Unless we encounter any Cybermen, in which case you will find me hiding behind the sofa. Oh, for crying out loud...

1 comment:

  1. Hiding behind the sofa from Dr Who?
    That is one of the oddest things I have
    ever heard. Can I have a Tardis? Oooh
    how about a knitted tardis! If anyone
    could do it you could. Send me the
    pattern when your done.