Monday, February 21, 2005

dude, that is EFFED UP

Last night I dreamed I got shot at point blank range in the head, but I WAS NOT DEAD. I was just thinking that is gonna need some serious medical attention when I realised I was going to have to play dead or I was really going to get it. So I did a pretty lame slow slump to the floor, but of course it wasn't sufficient to fool my assailant (probably some vengeful relative of the guy whose head I smashed in with a hammer that time).
So I'm laid there, and he has a gun pressed to my EAR, and I'm thinking fuck! this is it then and he pulled the trigger and everything went swirly and light, and I was dead. DEAD! WTF?


  1. i always heard that if you dreamed you die, then you actually die.

    maybe it's like sixth sense and you just don't realize it yet.

  2. would that hold up as an excuse not to go to work, d'you think?

  3. You're British and there's a tiny bit of snow around - that's all the excuse you need not to turn in!

  4. maybe we should start a dead dream club or something. that's some fucked up shit though. glad to know i'm not the only one out there who dies in their sleep...

  5. Shit. I just had a dream last night in which I was running away from zombies (no more dawn of the dead before bed!) for what seemed like an eternity. I ended up exactly where I started, climbed out a window, and electrocuted myself by pulling some nearby wires out of their sockets.

    I then realized I wasn't dead and managed to crawl up to the window and slit my throat on the glass.

    My alarm didn't wake me up this morning, my dreamed death did.

  6. What a great way to start the day! I am always having zombie dreams. You know, I think there might be something wrong with us...

  7. You know, I think there might be something wrong with us...

    ...I just thought I'd been watching too many zombie movies.

    Either that, or I'm stressed out over work again and it's manifesting as zombies which, if you know some of my clients, you'd understand. They just keep coming back, clawing at my flesh and clamoring for my braaaaaaiiins...