Saturday, December 11, 2004

where have I been? have i any idea what time it is?

Last week I mostly partied hard - down at the Wheatsheaf YMSS provided us with a night of balloon popping festive cheer. Appearing against the odds they managed to serve up, amongst other things, a hypnomonotonic drizzle of that Xmas classic Stay Another Day by East 17. If you can imagine Brian Harvey with lovely hair playing in Spacemen 3, then you sort of know exactly what it was like. The atmosphere was thick with love. Beautiful.
The following evening saw us making the long trip round the corner to see what was left of Budgie playing at the Zodiac. Initial concerns that we were the youngest members of the audience (except some kid who had come with his Dad) and should in fact have been UPSTAIRS watching Winnebago Deal were quickly dispelled as Budgie proceeded to ROCK THE PLACE APART. Don't get me wrong, those guys are pretty old. The singer was chugging Listerine like it was tequila. The drummer had an assistant. I wondered in the beginning if they were going to make it. I WAS WRONG. Budgie tore that place up like a piece of paper. Those guys were rockin' maniacs, complete with some face-melting guitar solos. Wow. It was days before I could hear again, but it was totally worth it. My temporary deafness also granted me leave to legitimately ignore people at work. Good Times.

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