Sunday, November 21, 2004


While I was congratulating myself on correctly estimating the EXACT amount of milk to make my Seriously Oaty a desirable consistency it came to my attention that the milk was ON THE TURN. You know, neither sour nor fresh. Milky no-mans-land. The kind of state that would force you to solicit a second opinion Does this smell alright to you?. Unfortunately the second opinion was still in bed, so I went ahead and put it in my tea.
Now here's the thing. The tea is fine. You can't even tell. But the more I think about it, the worse my breakfast is getting. But if I abandon the porridge, then surely I should forego my tea? Agh. The hypocrisy.
OK, the tea stays. My breakfast will consist instead of 2 (yes TWO) Tunnock's Dark Chocolate Teacakes, and I will resolve hereafter to smell the milk BEFORE mixing up my cereal.
Oh and yes, I am having my breakfast at 1:46pm. What of it????


  1. A common issue here, please see:-

  2. Never mind that - how dare you go to Alton Towers on MY BIRTHDAY
    when I was at HOME being 30 and having a shit time, probably. GAH!

  3. Ha____________________ha!!

    That'll teach yer!


  4. 1:46pm. Now you come to mention it it is a bit odd. Why you up so early? ;)

  5. Typical. You wait 5 years for an IT nerd and then two show up at once. ;)