Sunday, November 07, 2004

cooking with sandwiches

Well, highlights of this year's Halloween include Russ dressing up as Freddie Mercury, complete with teeth he had made himself out of two pieces of gum. Awesome.
Highlights of this year's fireworks display include a stray roman candle ricocheting off at an alarming angle and slamming into the neighbours house. This may or may not have been caught on camera. OOOOoooooooo! AAaaaaaaaaaa!
Highlights of my weekend include investigating some anguished screaming out front to discover several policemen frogmarching the next door neighbour into a police car, while his wife made a proper scene in the yard. He looked suitably guilty, IMO. Now maybe his kids will stop stealing people's bikes and leaving the parts they don't want in our front garden.
Highlights of January 1980's Home & Freezer Digest (thanks Mum!) include this recipe which I will reprint for your culinary pleasure. Cooking with sandwiches. Does it get any better? I have made minor modifications - namely the addition of prawns, courgette and marmite. Serves 2. You do the maths.


1 tin sweetcorn
1 tin cream of mushroom soup
2 frozen fish steaks (plaice, cod, trout, salmon, haddock.....)
1 cup prawns
1 courgette
2 cheese & marmite sandwiches, buttered on the outside
  1. It puts the fish steaks in a baking dish
  2. It sprinkles over the prawns, chopped courgette & drained sweetcorn
  3. It pours over the mushroom soup
  4. It chops the sandwiches into chunks and sticks them on the top
  5. It bakes in the oven for 40 mins @ 180c/ Gas mk 4 until browned
  6. It rubs the lotion on its skin (optional)

This recipe is fucking GENIUS. I can't believe I have lived this long without cooking with sandwiches. Wow. If you make this and you don't like it, you have made it wrong.

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  1. Talking of rubbing the lotion on it's skin...don't you think that Justin fron The Darkness IS Buffalo Bill? Right down to the nipple ring and everything!
    Gives me the willies he does and not in a good way.