Monday, August 16, 2004

i don't know why i bother

This weekend at work saw me expand my face painting repertoire to include Spiderman, the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus. Admittedly Doc Oc sucked a bit, being little more than a pair of big black painted-on sunglasses, but the kid actually looked disturbingly like him already so it was pretty effective.
This led to an exhilarating showdown during 'musical hoops' which saw Spidey battling it out at the finish with the Green Goblin. Nobody seemed to share my excitement however, and there were some disapproving glances from parents when I over-exuberantly declared Spiderman the winner.
Unfortunately a shadow was thrown over proceedings towards the end as the party-goers staged a mini rebellion against my colleague, savagely attacking him on the bouncy castle. The Green Goblin was seen stomping on his head, which is to be expected really, while I got a handle on proceedings (ahem) by chanting PILE ON! PILE ON!, inspiring the more imaginative kids to try out their wrestling moves.
When my battered co-worker finally emerged, the shocking evidence of the perp at the centre of this impromptu riot was smeared all over his face and shirt for all to see. Spidey, created by my own hand, had gone bad. AND I didn't get any birthday cake, which was in the shape of a pirate ship. BOO!

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