Thursday, July 22, 2004

no bees were harmed in the making of this story

Excitement prevailed at work yesterday as the swimming pool was invaded by a large bee. Swimmers ducked for cover as the bee became increasingly agitated in its search for the exit. As the situation escalated the lifeguard on duty pressed the poolside alarm for assistance.
After a brief assessment of the situation, the senior recreation assistant and duty officer arrived to capture the beast armed with a child's fishing net and a tea towel respectively. Early attempts to net the bee were hampered by lack of confidence, and were little more than half-hearted jabs and flaps in its general direction. As the public began to get involved however (It's behind you!), it became clear that this had become something of a battle of wits.
The hunt stepped up a notch with wild swipings, and even some direct poking. We were now at DEFCON 1 as the creature became irate, dive-bombing people and at one point attempting to fly into my face. I'm telling you, that thing reared up and looked me directly in the eyes. It was a bit like the start of Airwolf where Airwolf appears suddenly over the brow of a hill, hovering angrily or something.
After an unsuccessful wrangle during which I had the bee in my net and lost it, I was stripped of the net by the DO and demoted to tea towel. A few minutes later, after some unauthorised running on the poolside, the bee was caught and swiftly deposited out of the fire escape doors, using the magic of centrifugal force. A ripple of applause broke out from the swimmers, and hearty congratulations were bandied around. The day was saved! Or something.

A Bee, Yesterday


  1. What a tale of adventure! It made me laugh. I loved the dog pic too - so cute.