Sunday, May 09, 2004

'alfred packer' confuses the neighbours

Hehehe. Today Me & Matt were doing the day shift in the pub when we noticed the cat over the road (his name is Oggy but we have been calling him Alfred Packer - he also has gone by the name of Newman, Stilts, Itchy, Big Nose and Dan Smuckers) hanging around trying to get in people's houses. Some guy went up the steps of no 38 and rang the doorbell, and the cat followed him and sat on the doorstep. The guy must have been in a rush or very impatient, because he waited for like a minute, and then he was off down the steps and up the road.
A couple of seconds later someone opens the door. He does a double take as he sees the cat sitting on the step. Did Alfred Packer ring his doorbell? Man, I laughed so hard I'm surprised he didn't hear me. He didn't let the cat in though. He had to wait to sneak in with someone else a bit later.

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